Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Arrived in San Miguel de Allende!

We arrived safely last night at 10pm after a long day's journey by plane, bus and shuttle. We're so glad to be here---it feels like "home." We'v settled into our "casita", the same small but charming apartment we rented last year from our dear amiga, Francisca. Her daughter Maria Elena and son Salvador greeted us at the door of this lovely old colonial home in the center of San Miguel on a high hill with lovely view. We were sad to hear that Francisca is presently in Pennsylvania visiting her youngest daughter who has just lost her husband in December and now has learned she has both breast and ovarian cancer. Her mother is there to help her through the surgeries she has to undergo and probably chemo.

On a brighter side, Maria Elena made us feel very welcome and we slept well, not awaking until 10:30 am this morning. We went off to do our errands on cobblestone streets that are now familiar to us, stopping at our local favorite mercado to pick up provisions and various sundy items for setting up our household here---kind of like "playing casa"! Fun!

On the darker side, it's raining cats and dogs! First time ever that we have had rain in SMA! but we know the sun will soon shine brightly again and the people here are so good natured about the water rushing down the hills, the puddles and having to run from one overhang to another to stay dry, we can be, too. Afterall, we're from rain country!

We're happy to discove we have wifi here and are now connected so can check in with family regularly but as we said before, please limit the emails---we have too many other fun things to do here besides spending our time on the computer.

We picked up the local newspaper, a weekly something like the Oregonian's A&E, "Atencion", and we're already overstimuled! So many interesting things to do. The PEN writers workshop begins the 19th and I'm thrilled to learn that Barbara Kingsolver, one of my favorite authors whose current book, La Lacuna, I have on my booklist, will be here as keynote speaker. Of course,you know I will be in the audience!

Have to go prepare dinner now with my guy in our little "cocina"---tenamos hambre! We're hungry! So will sign off sending abrazos to all.


P.S, Gary says to tell you he feels very good he went off this afternoon for our veggies at the mercado on his own and did great. His limited Spanish sufficed and he came home whistling a happy Spanish tune.)