Saturday, June 7, 2014

Adventures in My Own Backyard

You don't have to travel far to have an adventure. Today, I visited my local recycling center, better known as CARTM, Community Action Recycling Team of Manzanita, just 2 miles from my cottage on the Oregon Coast. What a fun time I had rummaging through all the junk in the outdoor dumping site, lots of good stuff for making art.
The check out counter 

Get a load of this amazing mosaic made out of found objects at the recycling center. I had a great time perusing through all the stuff and admiring the clever recycled art in the this mini-gallery. 
These two characters greeted me at the entrance
I grew up in a family who repeatedly said this!

Isn't this a great quote?

At the end of my adventure looking through all the "junk" at CARTM, I fell into the recycled bathtub
sofa in the back corner reading nook, and settled down to read. Not a bad place at all, considering all the delightful old books there as well.  I'd add this to any travel book on the Oregon Coast, as a place to go for those who like to take the "road less traveled" and discover treasure!