Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Off to Mexico-December 2011

Well, its been a whole year and a half since I posted news on my blog. Hope you don't think the adventures have stopped.  It's been a very busy, mostly fun time. I've been so busy with other types of writing that I just haven't felt the urge to enter a new post.  I've been going to writers workshops, working on my novel and some short stories and enjoying life in general.

The travel bug is always biting us, and when friends asked "Why don't you come down to San Miguel de Allende and stay in our place for three months while we're away?"---well how could we resist that? We love San Miguel and it's a chance to attend the annual Writers Conference in February and to visit our old haunts, favorite restaurants,and practice our Spanish! Plus leave rainy, grey skies of Oregon.

After a wonderful family Christmas celebration, we're off to Mexico tomorrow.  We'll keep you posted on our new adventures when there's something interesting happening. It may be intermittent, but hope you will enjoy whenever the epistles arrive.

Gary and I send you our best wishes for a Happy New Year with good health, plenty of fun adventures of your own and Peace.