Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas in Mexico: Feliz Navidad

The last three months have been a blur of activity, getting settled into our casa in San Miguel de Allende, re-connecting with friends here and my working on my goal to get my novel published by Christmas. Well, I’m close. The book will be up on Amazon in about a week. Hope you will consider taking a peek and be sure and write a review please. Like the old saying goes, “if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say it at all, but if you have something good, do tell!”  By the way the title is Under the Salvadoran Sun and do check out my new website for more details:https://sherdavidson.com

 Christmas in Mexico: ah, how sweet. We loved watching the decorations going up all over our town, of San Miguel de Allende, then hearing the music at night as people gathered at the local churches. Posada is a big thing in Mexico,  between December 16-24. The tradition is that people gather in their neighborhoods and walk from house to house. One house serves as the host house. At each casa the group asks if they can come in, taking on the symbolic role of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter the night that the holy child, Jesus was born. They sing some traditional songs but are turned away until they arrive at the host house where they are welcomed and everyone celebrates with tamales, hot chocolate. The children gather around the piñata, hitting it with a long stick until it breaks open and dulces (sweets) pour out; everyone rushes to gather the goodies up. Unfortunately we did not participate in Posada this year as we were busy  preparing for our departure to the beach.

Scroll down and read about our holiday in Mexico below the photos! 

Here I am with my husband, Gary sitting on our La Manzanilla patio right off the beach!

Piñatas are a popular part of the holiday festivities

Relaxing on the beach after three months of editing and proofing my first novel. Needed this R & R. 

This is the beautiful entranceway to our casita on the beach, Allegre Mar, owned by our friend, Kate.  

Sunsets here are gorgeous and we love strolling the beach at this time of day

Not a bad life!

The setting sun from Allegre Mar

 On Friday , the 19th, we left for the long drive (about 11 hours  via Guadalajara) to La Manzanilla on the coast, about 2 hours south of Puerta Villarta.  We came here last year with our dear friends, Penny and Jim. This year, we are so happy our daughter, Tiffany and family will be joining us, arriving on Christmas Day. 

La Manzanilla, formerly a modest little fishing village, is still small, and picturesque with a gorgeous beach on a bay, gentle sea and lots of fun things to do, like kayaking, snorkeling, and just “hanging out” with long leisurely days, slow walks into the small town and beautiful sunsets.  See our photos.
We’ll leave here on Sunday and drive the family to our casa in San Miguel de Allende where we’ll participate in the New Year’s celebrations.  We’re looking forward to sharing our Mexican village with our family and are sure they will love it.  We do miss other family members and friends at this holiday time and send our merry wishes to all for a Feliz Navidad and a Propero Nuevo Año! 

I'll write about other adventures in Mexico after the new year!  Coming up: our trip to Chiapas with friends in March.