Saturday, July 5, 2014


Had two great paddles two weeks ago with my group of women friends. We call ourselves the “Kayak Gals.”  Each Thursday a different person plans the weekly paddle. Still recuperating from my wrist break last February, I haven’t been able to join them until now. So, I finally made my “maiden voyage” on Lost Lake, Mt. Hood.

It was threatening rain but we lucked out and had some clear skies, clear enough to catch a couple of beautiful views of the peaks of Mt. Hood. The ride there from the small town where one of our group has a lovely cabin, was also beautiful through windy, forested roads and amazing wildflower displays.  Though I was a bit sore by the end of the paddle, it was worth the adventure. We picniced by the lake and then headed back to my friends cabin where we had a night of gabbing, eating a delicious dinner and staying up way too late with lots of laughter. The next day we paddled the scenic Trillium Lake, a smaller lake than Lost Lake, but just as desireable though the extent of the invasive water lillies was surprizing. Bright lemon yellow flowers were pretty but we know that the ecology of the lake is negatively affected by their presence.  Dark rain clouds hid our views of the mountain top but we didn’t get rained on until after we put in at the dock and took off to enjoy the rest of the day together, visiting Wildwood Park before heading home. The park has wonderful educational trails with informative signs on the local Salmon River and it’s flora and fauna.

I regretfully headed back to the city, but refreshed after the exercise and time in the natural environment ---and away from the computer and screen time. WATCH FOR PHOTOS SOON!