Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Four Days in Paris, 2015

A month ago, I promised a blog post on our wonderful Paris Adventures in October, but returning to San Miguel shortly after that, I found it hard to find time to write. SMA is a very stimulating place with lots to do. I'm back at the sculpture studio two days a week, working on my next novel about three days a week, and with Yoga, theatre and music performances, and get togethers with friends I find it challenging to get back to my blog. So, you'll get a double whammy today when I write about Paris and do my annual Christmas blog. Enjoy! 

Paris, needless to say, was magnifique! We regretted we had not allowed more time after our Italian journeys to spend there, but needed to get back to our casa in Mexico. We fit a lot into the four days. A highlight was my dear French girlfriend coming up to Paris from Poitiers for a day to spend with us. The three of us managed to flaner (French for "to stroll") the day away with stops for a long lunch and lots of talking and catching up with our lives. She is like a sister to me, and to Gary, too. 
Coffee at a cute cafe near the train station

A stop at "Beaubourg" outside the Pompidou Center We like the St. Phalle
Sculptures in the pond. 

A stop for lunch near the Pompidou Museum of Modern Art.
Gary and Michelle chat 
Hushing Sher up! Hard to do---so much to share with my dear French Sister!  

Gary and I loved strolling in the Luxembourg Gardens not far from where we were staying, on Rue Mouffetard, one of our favourite haunts on the left bank. The park was beautiful with it's trees just turning to fall colors and we enjoyed eating roasted chestnuts that vendors were selling in the park. This is a favourite fall Paris enjoyment for us, going back to the fall of  1971 when we traveled With Two Kids and a Van, title of my first book, published in 1973. Memories! 

Good "butt shot" observing this Luxembourg garden sculpture

We had an especially nice experience watching a wedding take place at this beautiful fountain in the Luxembourg gardens. We didn't photograph the couple as we didn't want to intrude but quietly observed. A romantic spot for a wedding! 
Our Sculpture Walk continued in the Tuileries another of our favourite strolls, near the Louvre. There was an outdoor exhibition of Maillol sculptures. 

 Me and Maillol nude! 

 I remember studying Maillol along with other French artists in my Art History class. There's nothing like seeing the  "real McCoy!"
The real thing! 

A couple admire the scene and I admire them.

Fall was in the air---trees were turning color and made a
beautiful backdrop for these three sculptures. 
As we approached the end of the Tuileries at the Place de Concord, we had another extraordinary 
experience. We came across a group of large granite rocks placed there, each with a sculpture of 
bronze hands, in many different gestures. 

 It was a chilly fall day and we decided to stop at a small cafe which advertised hot mulled wine. After imbibing, I sat and did some drawings of the couples sitting on a bench and others chatting at the neighbouring tables, one of my favourite past times.

Time for a glass of Hot Mulled Wine! 
Drawing the local scene

We spent late afternoons strolling the quais along the Seine. I loved stopping to peruse the collections of books, prints and antiquités at the many buquinistes, the small stalls lining the walkways along the Seine. 

The Seine with a view of the Ile-d-la-Cité and the Notre Dame Cathedral

Lovers put locks on the railings along the Seine

And carve their names into a tree. Paris is such
 a romantic city

Shopping at the buquinistes, the small stalls along the Seine, for a gift for my granddaughter. 
One last thing to see: An exhibition of art and design from Korea at the Museum of Art Decorative. It was an amazing show and we spent three hours there, at this wonderful museum of craft and design, one of my favourites. 
From the Korean Exhibition in Paris

The last evening we again strolled the Seine and watched the sunset, with some sadness that we were leaving our favourite City of Light! 

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