Friday, January 15, 2016

The Writing Adventure

I'm just getting back to the "adventure of writing," after the busy holidays. I've featured my post about my book tour back in 2014, to remind everyone I have a book Under the Salvadoran Sun
on Amazon, waiting for more readers!

Even though you may have received several books for gifts this past holiday season, I know you'll want to consider one more. It's not only a love story, which takes place in Latin America, it's full of interesting characters such as a wise Guatemalan shaman, a very funny and irreverent nun, banditos and gangs.  Even San Miguel, my adopted city, is featured in one chapter. The story is wrapped around a current topic of debate.: immigration. This past month, I  gave a talk about Immigration and the Current Refugee Crisis at our borders. My novel will give you some insight into that topic and let you make up your own mind where you stand.  Speaking of my book, I want to tell all my blog followers, I will be offering my Kindle version  starting in February for the low price of $1.99. It's my Valentine's gift to all you ebook lovers.

My writing adventure continues with the new book. The working title is Scream. It's a story of a Swedish Immigrant and the horrible thing that happened to her during WWII when she returned to Sweden with her young daughter. It will have a ripple effect over two generations and we enter her story through that of her granddaughter, a student at the Sorbonne in Paris trying to find out the family secret of why her grandmother screamed at night and eventually took her own life. Her journey to Sweden uncovers secrets about Sweden during the war as well as her grandmother's misadventure. I hope to have it done by the end of this year and ready for publication by January, 2017. Watch for a progress report on my website,

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